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magic lamp: what are the three wishes?

What are my three wishes. I’m sure I have three wishes stacked up in me. I probably have three billion wishes. I’m an expert on wanting things, at asking a higher power for what I don’t deserve and shouldn’t get, for which I won’t say thank you or ever make an offering. I’m God’s most ungrateful, bratty, insolent soldier and I’ll own that till the grave and everything afterwards.

Grant me an easy life. Immediate success. Adoration. Love beyond all measures. Lust beyond some measures. I wish to be gluttonous and fit, prolific and rested, admired and unknown. My three wishes are nine wishes, those nine wishes are for eighty-one wishes, those eighty-one wishes for six thousand five hundred and sixty-one wishes. That should cover the next month.

Three wishes. If I had to say? I wish the rest of my life was going to occur in a habitable and worthwhile era of humanity– is that a good wish? Does that require a few sub wishes? I wish desired circumstances could conform to my reality. Or… that power couldn’t be utilized against subjugated people? The second is probably more altruistic– your wishes should probably be pretty altruistic at this point, right? I would feel kind of dumb wishing that ice cream was good for you when people are dying in war and stuff.

I do want my parents to be happy. Should everyone be happy? Are people going to be mad at me if I don’t use this wish to make them happy? Probably. Should I wish for everyone to be happy? Would that be weird though? Like weirder than things already are? But if things are weird already, we might as well all be happy? That sounds boring. I just want my parents to be happy.

I haven’t answered the prompt yet. No point to a random prompt generator if you don’t answer the prompt. Unless the question of three wishes is more about interrogating our value systems and taking that forward to our day to day life, than answering the prompt. To take the resulting mental scaffolding into the trials of existence or whatever. At its most mundane, to the horrors of decision making. At its most aggressive, pretentious conversation that demands private opinion be debated publicly. In the joyous middle: to hard questions about where to live, what to do, to weigh in on if happiness is for now or later… and what about now? Is it later?

Who am I to you? To her? To them? Who do I wish I could be? What do I wish I could have? Is to wish: to get, to give, or to take? I just want my parents to be happy. I wish ice cream was good for you. World peace or something.



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