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First thing I ever wanted to be

...was a comic book artist. In fourth grade I printed strips to sell at school for $2 and no one bought them because they were not worth $2. It was a bad business model. But I loved to make stuff.

I wrote and produced my first short film at 13 years old- I played eight different characters, each was of a different nationality and it was about as weird and problematic as you could expect. There are accents. Here is a link. I'm just getting that out of the way early.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 5.47.31 PM.png

I am very much the product of the Vine X Tumblr generation. This is a video I made in high school about my favorite play at the time, The Glass Menagerie. This is a video I made for my somehow successful homecoming king campaign. This is a performance I did riding a hoverboard and singing "A Whole New World" to an Elmo doll while dressed as Aladdin to win the school's male beauty pageant. Don't ever let anyone tell you racial pandering doesn't work.

Then I peaked in high school. I sang in a band at a "benefit concert for feminism." and had a viral promposal. That's obviously peaking at a suburban public high school. Eventually I gave the graduation speech. It was really bad. I've since realized every high school graduation speech is horrible. 

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At 18 years old I didn't know anything except that I love to make stuff. Love, love making stuff, and doing stuff. Eventually I attended the equally prestigious and pretentious Northwestern University and studied theatre and business, to figure out how exactly an incredibly corny Indian dude who loves making stuff and doing stuff could make a career while being incredibly corny and Indian.

No longer making videos for social media or the school projects, I fell in love with acting, playwriting, and arts admin at Northwestern. I traveled to LA for an internship in Hollywood and produced an original short film while I was there. I was the co-chair of student theatre, artistic director of a classics theatre board, and head writer of a multicultural comedy group called Out 'Da Box. I was the school mascot, Willie the Wildcat on the Northwestern Cheer team and that was like, a C-storyline.

 I performed in a show every quarter and had an original play produced every year, until a fun little flu somehow incurable by bleach and horse medicine went backpacking. I know this may be surprising and hard to relate to, but that impacted my life substantially.

Back in my parents basement where I had made that first questionable short film, I started making videos again. This time the entire planet was online 24/7 and they noticed me. I went viral a few times and my following on Twitter grew significantly for absolutely nothing that I still find funny to this day.

I wanted to prove I was more than a viral moment or a one-hit wonder. I started fully producing a new original video every day. I wrote, shot, and edited 70+ sketches over that summer. From these videos, I grew my Youtube channel and started getting booked to perform comedy for groups across the country. With live theatre gone, and after spending my entire summer staring at my own camera like no human being ever would or should, I started acting regularly on screen.

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During my senior year at the even more prestigious Zoom University, (clearly a household name) I raised the bar for myself. I and a group of collaborators raised $10,000 to produce an original, four episode web series entitled "Using Protection"- currently in post-production.

During this year, I also wrote two plays. "Harmonic Interference (or a soul's emigration from spacetime)" was produced as an audio piece and scored with original music. You can listen to it here.

"Sorry for bringing a knife to the party but in fairness we're way too old for y'all to be renting a bounce house" was produced by the Northwestern University Theatre Department as a winner of the Agnes Nixon Playwriting Award. 


In June of 2021, I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Communication with honors in playwriting. I currently work professionally as an actor, writer, comedian, video editor, and producer in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

In my free time I like to draw and write music, basically I just love making stuff. It's my purpose. Check out this website for more stuff I've made, or get in touch to make something together. 

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